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    Magento is a software for creating ecommerce platforms for buying and selling products online, used by different types of business and of different sizes. The main feature and what makes it different from other ecommerce platforms is its free code for web page development. It has a FrontEnd and a BackEnd oriented to online sales, with advanced management of customers, products and sales themselves.

    Many of the most important companies in the market use Magento, since this software allows full control of the functionality of their e-commerce and its appearance, with completely customizable designs. To be able to create a store with Magento, you need extensive knowledge in programming, so at Webimpacto we help you create your ecommerce and manage its growth through our most expert workers.

    Cross-platform option
    With Magento you can manage different stores from a single administration panel. Easily manage all your stores!
    Responsive Design and Total Customization
    Absolute design flexibility and total adaptability to different platforms. Personalize your ecommerce!
    Integration with Social Networks
    Do not miss the opportunity to promote your store on the different social networks.
    Create your multi-language online store, with different currencies and payment methods. Manage international shipments with ease!
    Marketing Tools
    Functionalities to improve SEO, cross-selling, related products, generation of discount coupons, among others. Create your advanced reports with Magento!