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    Webimpacto has a team of experts in digital marketing, which is one of the essential pillars of e-commerce. If you want your PrestaShop, Shopify and VTEX stores to be successful and obtain maximum profitability, you need to implement a suitable marketing plan adapted to your business needs.

    Our team launches and manages marketing campaigns across Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads and Tik Tok Ads Search and Display Networks, manages integration in the most relevant marketplaces and comparators and designs e-mailing and social network strategies, among other marketing actions. Hire our online marketing services and see your online sales grow!

    Webimpacto is an official Google Partner! Our marketing team has the official Google Ads and Google Analytics certifications, which ensures the highest quality service for our clients.
    Webimpacto is an official Google Partner! Our marketing team has the official Google Ads and Google Analytics certifications, which ensures the highest quality service for our clients.
    Our tools to help you succeed.


    The main goal of the search engine optimisation (SEO) is improving the position that your website appears at in the organic search results returned by the search engines in order to gain visibility. The SEO strategy will attract quality visitors to your Shopify, PrestaShop or VTEX store and help increase your site’s conversion rate.

    Our digital marketing team is responsible for studying, planning and developing the SEO strategy that best suits the needs of your online store, aiming at attracting clients for your business and therefore increase sales.


    Do you need online advertising? We launch a SEM strategyfor you. We can create, manage and measure your online advertising campaigns in order to increase the visibility of your tiendas Shopify, PrestaShop or VTEX store on the main search engines and therefore increase your sales.

    We have in-depth experience managing search, display, re-marketing and Google Shopping campaigns in the most important platforms, such as Google Ads or Microsoft Ads. Facebook Ads or Tik Tok Ads also offers multiple benefits in terms of visibility, scope or audience segmentation. We can help you by planning and managing your campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

    In order to work on your SEM strategy, we only need you to let us know your maximum budget and we will define the campaigns to achieve the highest possible return on your investment.


    Conversion rates refers to the percentage of visitors to our Shopify, VTEX or PrestaShop store who end up taking desired action on it.

    How to optimise the conversion rate?
    The first and most important step is the analysis. We analyse the site and the entire purchasing process to identify improvement areas in order to achieve conversion. After the analysis, we will set up a strategy to know which parts of the business have potential for improvement, to find reasons not to complete the purchase and to identify user experience and communication problems, among others.


    The data handled in your online store are an important source of information to learn about user behaviour, about strengths and improvement areas, the origin and source of traffic, the impact of the marketing actions we launch and many other aspects that help you make the best decisions for your business.
    We help you set the most relevant KPIs, analyse and follow up the data and obtain all information needed to provide a solid basis for strategic decision-making in order to help you make the most out of your resources.

    Also, get ready for the big move to Google Analytics 4 with us! We help you make the switch to the next generation of Analytics.


    E-mail marketing is a powerful mechanism both to increase customer loyalty and to communicate interesting information, offers and promotions.

    By creating attractive newsletters with special deals and offers, we increase the chance of conversion of our client or potential client database.

    Webimpacto offers you the chance to customise the segmentations of your database and to creatively design your newsletters—you will be able to use from custom banners to pre-defined templates. We can also write attractive content to increase the rate of effectiveness when launching a site and we measure the obtained results.


    Marketplaces and comparators are increasingly important in the e-commerce domain.
    Marketplaces are platforms that connect buyers and sellers to complete business transactions with one another. Marketplaces such as Amazon have a high amount of traffic and ensure secure deliveries, which encourage people to buy.

    On the other hand, the comparators show the articles provided by the supplier, and when a user clicks on a product he is interested in, he is re-directed to the buyer’s online store. Comparators allow users to easily and quickly view the main features and the price of the product.
    Webimpacto works with comparators such as Twenga, Shoppydoo and Shopmania and with marketplaces like Amazon, offering our clients the option to expand their business and increase traffic and sales.

    Social networks

    The main goal of a good social network strategy is creating a connection between a client and a brand in order to promote the online sales of your Shopify, VTEX or PrestaShop store.

    Creating relevant quality content is essential for the social network visitors to end up completing a purchase. Another option is creating an advertising campaign on the relevant social networks in order to promote your products, offers and special deals and therefore increase your conversion rate.