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    HAAN is a personal care brand that focuses its activity on defining a better future for the planet and humanity. At HAAN they only use natural formulas to make their cosmetic products and they also have a line of refills to reduce the impact of the use of plastics and extend the life of their containers.

    HAAN landed in 2018 with a range of hand sanitizers that was a success during the pandemic and little by little the family of products has been increasing with others such as: toothpaste, hand cream, deodorants, body wash, body lotion! and those to come!

    In addition, HAAN supports a movement to raise awareness and eradicate the water crisis, which is why each HAAN product contributes to providing clean water in developing countries through the construction of underground water wells, allocating 20% ​​of its profits to it. So far they have built 17 wells!

    HAAN and Webimpacto work every day, putting our technical and marketing team at your disposal to optimize your website with the aim of achieving better usability and increasing conversions. As well as continuous SEO improvements on your website, optimization of your presence in the most important marketplaces and an optimal SEM strategy.

    ¡Visit their website HAAN!